Free Event Sky Garden Amazing View


Enjoy this amazing view, plan your free visit! To book please click on this link (this is the only way to book): https://skygarden.

london/booking Access to the Sky Garden is free of charge.

A limited number of tickets are available each day, please book them through the booking system.

Tickets are currently available to book on a weekly basis.

For example, the next ticket release is on Monday 5th February for the week commencing 12th February.

Tickets are only valid for the date and time stated on the ticket and have a time limit of 1.

0 hrs from time of entry.

Please note that turnstiles are in operation in the Sky Garden lobby for members of the public who have booked tickets.

Upon entry please ensure tickets are either printed or available on a mobile phone to be scanned on the turnstiles for admittance.

November 1, 2018 by Wonders of Londoon



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